Who Is Tate Marshall? Everything You Didn't Know About Tate

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Tate Marshall biography

Tate Marshall: A Short Biography

Tate Marshall is an award winning acoustic guitarist from the UK. As a kid, Tate Marshall grew up isolated, living in North Gorley, a village of just 60 people. With limited access to friends and no technology, Tate obsessed over his father's guitar. Instead of learning from a teacher, he would spend hours in his room, playing for upwards of 4 hours a day. Tate didn't perform well at school, and eventually dropped out of school at 16 years old. He worked in a pub as a dishwasher where he saved up to buy his first guitar. This guitar would be his only guitar from age 16 to 30.

Over the course of his life, Tate worked many jobs and lived in over 10 cities and 15 rentals. For five years in his early twenties, he fell sick with mental illness. He believes that this period gave his music greater depth and feeling. Tate's song 'Cool Sensations' is about this period of his life.

Tate Marshall has been praised for his highly original sound, using percussive fingerstyle techniques that he invented, and has been considered an unseen child prodigy. As an adult, he won the Showcase Award at Open Mic UK, from an initial 10,000 applicants. He continues to play guitar, building a large fanbase online due to his unique guitar ability. Today, Tate is turning more towards vocalised music and indie rock, looking to break into the charts and fulfill the dreams he had as a child. To help boost his music, consider listening and sharing his music on Spotify.

What genre is Tate Marshall?

Tate Marshall is a percussive fingerstyle guitarist. As a musician, Tate's genre is indie rock. His music ranges from melodic dreamscapes to heavy drop D riffs. Tate centers his compositions around riffs and drumming, which he does together without a loop pedal. He also is known for mind bending solos and finger speed. Tate often uses a stomp box or kick drum with his guitar, creating a heavy and hypnotizing beat.

When will Tate Marshall tour?

Tate has played in arenas around the UK, including the Southampton Engine Rooms, Sub 89 Reading, and the NEC Arena in Birmingham. He is currently building an online fanbase while working on his debut album before touring.

tate marshall live
Tate Marshall live

How long has Tate Marshall played guitar?

Tate Marshall began playing guitar at 8 years' old. His dad would play guitar in the evening by the fireplace while Tate sat and watched. At school, his friends received the latest consoles and games, while Tate had limited access to technology. Eventually, Tate began playing guitar, noting how naturally the ability came to him. As an introvert, Tate did not join a band, instead, he would spend hours in a 'meditation of playing' by himself.

Is Tate Marshall Self-Taught?

Yes. Tate is an autodidact, someone who teaches themselves. He was able to intuitively play the guitar, and he was inventing his own techniques from the age of 14. Tate briefly received a handful of electric guitar lessons in his teens, but stopped them to pursue his own style of acoustic guitar. As an autodidact, Tate also taught himself swimming at a high level, artwork, poetry and writing. He prefers to learn by himself.

Is Tate Marshall signed to a label?

No. Tate is an indie musician in the truest sense of the word. He writes his own music, records his own music in a studio he made in his bedroom, mixes and masters his own music, markets and advertises his own music. He also created the website, designed his logo and merchandise, and funds his music himself.

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tate marshall indie rock

Does Tate Marshall write his own songs?

Tate writes all of his music. A lot of them are personal and involve his experiences growing up, with mental health, heartbreak and also his determination to follow his dreams.

Does Tate Marshall teach?

Yes! Tate has 2 online courses teaching his style of guitar. 1. The Beginner to Advanced Masterclass on Guitar. 2. Learn to Play Shockwave. He also has published a book: The 1/3 Method: Revolutionary steps to unlock genius. Tate also does a 5 Day Intensive taking a limited number of students for 1 on 1 instruction over a period of 5 days. These lessons push students to rapidly increase their ability. For more information about his courses, or to learn about his 1 on 1 classes, click here.

Who are Tate Marshall's influences?

Tate Marshall is influenced by guitarists such as Nuno Bettencourt, Andy Mckee and Joe Satriani. He also loves Muse, Rage Against the Machine, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles.

Where is Tate Marshall from?

Tate is British. He was born near Fordingbridge, a small town in the New Forest, South England. His family moved to North Cornwall when he was 16, where he went to live in Salisbury. He currently lives in London.

When was Tate Marshall born?

Tate was born on July 11, 1991. The same day as the July 11, 1991 Solar Eclipse, the most central total eclipse in 800 years.

What is Tate's favorite food?

Tate is a massive foodie. Part of the reason he works out so much is to enjoy more food! His favorite cuisines are Japanese, Colombian and Ethiopian. He also enjoys fish and chips!

If you haven't watched Tate play, check out this video!